Half Moon Counseling Services
Half Moon Counseling Services
conveniently providing counseling services at a location near you or via your smart phone, tablet or computer.


Providing clinical therapy services from your location to improve ease of access


Clinical Therapy

Individual, Couples and Family sessions are provided using tele-health technology or from an office location near you.  You can have your therapy session from the comfort and convenience of your location.  All tele-health sessions are held using a live stream service through the secure electronic medical record. All Face to Face session are held from one of our office locations through out Maryland.  Ease of access is our goal  



Yoga Groups

Coming soon....Research based Yoga groups will be provided in the community to help improve coping skills, self care, holistic health, and group processing of mental health symptoms.



Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling takes into account the spiritual and religious beliefs of an individual to further deepen the holistic range of the clinical counseling session.  inquire for additional information



Mobile Treatment

Face to face clinical therapy services can be provided from a location in the community or your home for ease of access.  call or email to inquire about if your location is within the service area